Fredag 19 juni turer

Hei og happy fredag til dere

The weekend is here already….. as the week has flown by in a blur of heat, sunshine and great adventures up in Oslomarka

And it was a lovely way to finish off the week with some exploring empty trails and paths today…. as the doggies made the most of streams, lakes and rivers to cool down.

Luckily there were some clouds around today to help us escape now and again from the sun rays as the temperatures once again soared high! I think today is the hottest day since Summer 2018…. and it was a relief to find the shade.


Christina’s walk



Matt’s walks

Dogs:Haraka, Tassen, Lucy and Minttu


Dogs:Samus, Minttu, Fridtjof and Memphis


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend of walks, relaxation and socialising from a distance! Monday we are back again and there is even the promise of some much needed rain…… which i am all in favour of!

Big big hugs to the pups from all of us and check in again on Monday


Anna, Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt