Mandag 18 mai turer

Heisann og happy mandag!

We hope you are well, you are healthy and you had a fantastic Norwegian National Day yesterday whatever you were getting up to.

Apart from a brief rain shower it was a lovely day here in Oslo. A bit different this year of course with Corona restricting the usual crowds and parties, but a good time to socialize with distance and dress up in some nicer clothes.

For me (Matt) it was a weekend of waiting…… my partner Hilde and I had our baby’s due date on Saturday (16th May) and therefore we had made very few plans. I had expected him to arrive at 23:55 on Friday night (5 minutes early like any good and polite English son should be)….. but alas he has still yet to arrive and is now already testing my patience! 😉

Whilst we are on that note….. if suddenly the blog is not uploaded for a few days it is fair enough to guess that i am at the hospital. All walks will continue as normal unless i send you an sms with last minute changes…. but I have already spoken with all of those owners whose doggies I walk so that you know what will happen…..the blog will resume of course once i am back from hospital (Corona means i can’t stay there too long anyways!)….. and you will all be updated!

Back to today and it was a lovely Monday. Not too warm, a little breeze to help us keep cool whilst the doggies played and bounced around deep in the woods. If the whole Summer is much like today and not more than 3-4C more i will not be complaining….. though i know many of you would prefer 10C more at least.


Anna’s walk

Dogs: Haraka, Lucy, Axe, Sunny and Jippi


Christina’s walk

Dogs:Vali, Balder and Sara


Linn’s walk

Dogs:Wilma, Freia, Lucille and Milli


Sandra’s walk



Matt’s walks

Dogs:Fant, Hank and Twist


Dogs:Tassen, Freia, Ilex, Fridtjof and Ragnar


We wish you all a wonderful Monday evening. Big big hugs to all your doggies from us and we will already be back again with more adventures tomorrow, so check back in.


Anna, Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt