Tirsdag 5 mai turer

Heisann og god tirsdag!

Come on! What a day, what fun out in the woods. As a client wrote in a message to me today on seeing some photos on our Instagram “this is the greatest time of year”. And it is hard to argue with that….. sunshine but not too warm, and still some snow in secret spots to find with the pups which makes everyone’s lives better. I was skating down some snow patches on my shoes today loving life and looking out over the vast green expanse of the woods, then glancing to my left and seeing down to the Oslofjord, with dogs bouncing to my left and right happily…… if you can’t love that moment, then there is no hope for you.

Anna’s walks

Dogs: Sami, Lucy, Haraka and Axe


Dogs:Dennis, Lucy, Anni and Twist


Frida’s walk

Dogs:Fant, Fridtjof and Eddie


Linn’s walk

Dogs:Wilma, Beilly and Freia



Matt’s walks

Dogs:Milo, Topsy and Minttu


Dogs:Ragnar, Samus, Tassen, Tiki and Quila


We wish you a splendid evening with your doggies. Mine is fast asleep next to me as i do the blog. Big big hugs to them from all of us. We are of course back again tomorrow and looking very forward to some great adventures in the woods.


Anna, Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt