Onsdag 29 april turer

Hei og happy onsdag!

We hope you have had a lovely Wednesday and you are smiling and ready for some dogblogg!

Great walking weather today….. grey enough in parts to keep the crowds at home, but not too wet underfoot and marka is springing to life. Greens everywhere, where there was brown and dry leaves / scrub a few days ago, bushes are appearing everywhere. Beautiful for us and the doggies seem to enjoy jumping around in them too….. so everyone is a winner!


Anna’s walk

Dogs: Terje, Twist, Lucy, Haraka and Lucy


Christina’s walk

Dogs:Vali and Lexie


Frida’s walk

Dogs:Hank, Fridtjof, Fant, Eddie and Tessa


Linn’s walk

Dogs:Wilma, Lucille and Nisse


Matt’s walks

Dogs:Banipal, Thelma, Tesla and Punky


Dogs:Freia, Ilex, Ragnar, Sunny and Samus


We wish you a lovely evening with your doggies. Big big hugs to them from all of us. We are back tomorrow for the last walking day of this week (with Friday being a holiday day for Labour Day (ironic that we get the day off, but hey ho).

Check back in tomorrow for more fun and games


Anna, Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt