Mandag 27 april turer

Heisann og god mandag til dere

We hope you are well, you are healthy and you have had a good start to the week.

Rain! And lots of it….

After a good run of dry weather….. in fact i was trying to remember when the last time it really rained on our walks was…. and i couldn’t remember….. snow yes, but rain? Oh well…. a good while we can say……

Today we got rain. It was fresh, it was lovely. It cleared almost everyone out of the woods and most of the doggies seemed to ignore it and just get on with fun and games.

Very glad i had a change of clothes in the van today, much better than having to sit there between walks and on your way home in damp clothes as all the windows steam up.

Just seen the date…. 27th April…. we are almost May already. Not sure where Jan, Feb, March and April have gone already, but i do have some amazing walks coming to mind over those months…. so it must be so!

Right, enough of my ramblings and onto the photos (which is why you are here!)


Anna’s walk

Dogs: Jippi, Lucy, Haraka and Anni


Christina’s walk

Dogs:Vali and Balder


Isabelle’s walk

Dogs:Jago, Tessa, Eddie, Fant and Hank



Sandra and August’s walk

Dog: Leesi


Matt’s walks

Dogs: Sophie, Cessa, Lucille, Milli, Wilma and Tassen


Dogs:Ilex, Freia, Ragnar, Sunny and Freia


We wish you all a lovely evening with your pups. Stay dry(ish) or just gore-tex up and go for a good long walk and enjoy the rain…… (which is what i will be doing once i have dried off and eaten something! Big big hugs to the doggies and we will be back again tomorrow


Anna, Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August and Matt