Fredag 20 mars turer

Heisann og happy fredag (og god helg!)

We hope you have had agreat end to your working (from home) weeks and you are ready to hit the weekend at full speed….. if full speed is social distancing and being up in the woods with your dogs! 

On the positive side it does give us time to slow down our pace of life and reflect….. on the same point…. it also means you have no excuses to get through that list of house renovations / chores and tasks which you never have time for…. 

Sunny once again today and it was lovely out deep in the woods again. 


Christina’s walk

Dogs: Balder og Vali


Matt’s walks

Dogs: Cessa og Sophie


Dogs: Tassen, Samus, Fridtjof, Tiki og Hank


We wish you all a great weekend. Remember to keep away from one another but close to your dogs….. sounds perfect to be fair. 

Big big hugs to the pups and we are back again on Monday


Anna, Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August og Matt