Fredag 13 mars turer

Hallo og god fredag til dere

We hope you are well and having a good Friday 13th!!!! After Armageddon yesterday it is fitting it is Friday 13th today.
I will refrain from talking about the “C” word as frankly i am already tired of it taking up 24 hours a day of my time….. so we’ll focus on what a brilliant day it has been.

Sunshine and gorgeous out there today. I was lucky enough to not bump into anyone on my walks (i am good at finding the places where no one is). That way i could focus on having some great adventures and games with the doggies.

Small sidenote….. today is my little pup’s 1st birthday. Minttu is 1 year old already and she joined me this afternoon for some fun and games and to raise the tempo of the walk and keep the boys running. Happy Birthday to my little one…… she is a gorgeous dogter, friend and colleague….. and she is currently sleeping next to me as i type out this blog.


Anna’s walk (together with Vegard) 

Dogs: Lucy, Jippi, Haraka, Indie, Lucy and Anni


Christina’s walk

Dogs: Balder and Vali


Matt’s walks

Dogs: Punky and Tesla


Dogs: Tassen, Samus, Hank and birthday girl Minttu


We wish you a relaxing weekend and hope you have some fantastic walks planned. Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us and we are back again on Monday (unless authorities change the rules!) 


Anna, Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August og Matt