Onsdag 4 mars turer

Hei og god onsdag til dere

Crash, bang, wallopp….. what a Wednesday! We hope you are all well and you’ve had a lovely day.

Up high and in the woods today we found the white gold of the snow variety. Differing areas received different amounts as you will see from the photos…. but it was so much fun.

After nearly 7 years of exploring Oslomarka day in – day out, this afternoon i managed to find that nearly untouched powder stash I have been dreaming of all Winter. I won’t say exactly where it is as i do plan on heading back there tomorrow with some of my doggies.

If you head into Oslomarka later this evening there is good snow for langrenn. I can confirm it is snowing right now as i type up near Sognsvann. My legs are a bit too tired to head out on the skis….. but a little snowskate might well happen when my puppy awakes later and we head out on our evening walk

Annas walks

Dogs: Twist, Minnie, Shaggy, Indie og Lucy


Dogs: Axe, Terje, Lucy, Memphis og Haraka


Christinas walk

Dogs: Vali, Sara, Wilma og Balder


Fridas walk

Dogs: Hank, Eddie og Fant


Linns walk

Dogs: Ulla, Gulla, Wilma, Nisse og Lucille


Matts walksย 

Dogs: Banipal, Minttu, Punky og Tesla


Dogs: Ilex, Freia, Ragnar og Minttu


We wish you a snow-filled and fun evening of adventures if you are heading out into marka. Big big hugs to your pups from us and we will continue the explorations again tomorrow


Anna, Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August og Matt