Torsdag 20 februar turer

Hei og god torsdag

We hope you have had a good Thursday and you have managed to stay dry for the most part. The Spring / Summer feeling definitely disappeared today, but we got some light snow high up and by keeping a high tempo on our walks and throwing lots of sticks we got your dogs warmed up and happy.

Actually pretty lovely out in the woods as no one else seemed crazy enough to venture out once the rain set in, leaving us to explore and have fun in peace surrounded by lovely nature, so all in all a good dog walking day!


Annas walks

Dogs: Sami, Lucy, Lucy and Twist


Dogs: Jippi og Frost


Christinas walk

Dogs: Baloo, Balder og Småen


Linns walk

Dogs: Ulla, Lucille og Nisse


Sandra and August walk

Dogs: Leesi, Vicentico, Alhambra and Fia


Matts walks

Dogs: Minttu, Lexi, Stella og Bamse


Dogs: Fridtjof, Tiki, Hank og Freia


We wish you all a reasonably dry rest of your Thursday. But if you are heading out into the woods later, then enjoy the fact you and your pups will almost certainly be quite alone. Big big hugs to all of them from us and have a lovely evening. See you again tomorrow for Friday Fun!


Anna, Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August og Matt