Tirsdag 11 februar turer

Hei og god tirsdag til dere

We hope you are well and that you have been able to enjoy some of this lovely sunshine we have got throughout the day….. maybe you took a coffee outside, a quick lunchtime walk, a work phonecall on a balcony, or you snuck off for a quick stroll just anywhere to grab some sunshine rays!

On the flipside we had very little problems soaking up the Vitamin D today on our walks…… ok, we were in the woods and under some of the tree cover, but it was pretty darn glorious if truth be told. It was so nice that the moment I walked in my door at home i took my puppy out in the woods for another 70 minutes…. just her and i enjoying the mild weather and beauty of marka.

The dogs seemed to be loving it today……. a lot of exploring, sniffing and chasing pine cones deep in the woods. Hardly any ice left, so it is very easy to find stuff to throw for the dogs, which is a plus in what could (and should) be considered a poor Winter from a snow / ski / board perspective.


Annas walks

Dogs: Twist, Shaggy og Lucy


Dogs: Haraka og Lucy


Christinas walk 

Dogs: Baloo og Lexie


Isabelles walk (joined by Matt)

Dogs: Fridtjof, Fant, Tiki og Ragnar


Matts walk

Dogs: Milo, Ella, Nisse, Wilma og Quila


Have a lovely evening whatever you are up to. Tomorrow and at least Thursday are looking like sunshine, so if you missed out today why not schedule a non-existent meeting or “phonecall” and escape work for 15-30 minutes to recharge through solar energy. Just a tip….. also if pretending to go to a meeting, carry a notepad and pen, walk as if you are going somewhere in a hurry and pretend to talk into your phone as if crisis solving….. trust me, no one will doubt you are doing something important 😉

Big big hugs to your doggies from all of us and see you again tomorrow


Anna, Christina, Frida, Isabelle, Linn, Sandra, August og Matt