Torsdag 12 desember turer

Heisann og god torsdag til dere!

We hope you are all well and you are having a brilliant Thursday.

A real good mix of weather out there today…… we experienced…. snow, rain, hail, sunshine, wind and overcast conditions…. all within a few hours. It was a lotto for what we were going to get on each walk…… and just meant braving it and heading out on the adventures with the best options possible.

Some got caught up in the hail and rain, others just a few kilometres down the road missed it entirely. I love days like that where Oslo has micro-climate weather circles left, right and centre….. keeps you guessing and watching the skies when you plan where your walks will be.


Sandras tur

Hunder: Fia og Leesi


Linns tur

Hunder: Ulla, Wilma og Nisse


Annas turer

Hunder: Haraka og Luna


Hunder: Shaggy, Lucy, Anni, Lucy og Twist


Christinas tur

Hund: Baloo


Selmas tur

Hunder: Fridtjof, Wilma, Fant og Billy


Matts turer

Hunder: Bamse, Lexi, Mira og Sami


Hunder: Tassen, Quila og Freia


Wishing you and your doggies all a lovely evening. Looks set to be weather lotto tonight as well. Let’s hope for not too much rain……. mainly as i am off to OVP (Oslo Vinter Park ski resort) to give my legs another beating after already 15km of walks. Check back in tomorrow when we will have some Friday fun from our walks


Anna, Christina, Linn, Selma, Sandra, August og Matt