Torsdag 24 oktober turer

Hei og velkommen til torsdags dogblogg!

We hope you are all well and making it through the working week.

A beautiful October day out there today. The sun was hiding pretty well, but it didn’t stop it being great walking conditions. Luckily it wasn’t really raining until mid-afternoon and the temperatures were great (for Autumn) so we could ditch a few layers of clothing and be mobile again, allowing for good pace on the walks and keeping your dogs moving and playful.


Annas turer

Hunder: Twist, Terje og Haraka


Hunder: Lucy, Shaggy, Anni og Lucy


Linns tur

Hunder: Wilma, Lucille, Nisse og Ulla


Christinas tur

Hund: Baloo


Augusts tur

Hund: Fia


Matts turer

Hunder: Mira, Sami, Bamse og Lexi


Hunder: Tassen, Balder, Quila og Freia


Have a wonderful Thursday evening, big hugs to your doggies. It looks currently like by 10am tomorrow the rain will stop and bright sunshine will burst through…… i am a little sceptic about this, but i’ll throw the board shorts in the van just in case…… don’t worry there won’t be pictures of my chicken white legs!


Anna, Christina, Linn, Selma, Sandra, August og Matt