Tirsdag 15 oktober turer

Hei og god tirsdag til dere

We hope you have all had a wonderful Tuesday. It is pretty wet and wild out there today. A few brief respites from the driving rain…… just long enough to think “ah maybe it will stop now”, but just for the rain and wind to come back even harder.

But spirits were high amongst both walkers and doggies. Always brings a smile to my face when you see a dog you know is not a massive fan of rain…. and they are happy and running around, making the most of the walk. Simple satisfaction, but sometimes you just need to motivate them through those first 200m of the walk and then they forget all about it.


Annas turer

Hunder: Shaggy, Minnie, Twist, Anni og Lucy


Hunder: Haraka og Chanel


Christinas tur

Hunder: Lexie og Baloo


Selmas tur

Hunder: Fant, Fridtjof, Ragnar, Wilma og Lucky


Matts turer

Hunder: Sami, Lexi, Nisse, Wilma og Milo


Hunder: Tassen, Tiki, Quila og Pontus


We wish you all a lovely evening. Stay dry, wrap up warm and big big hugs to your doggies from all of us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Selma, Sandra, August og Matt