Fredag 11 oktober turer

Heisann og happy helg

We hope you have all had a lovely end to the week and you are looking forward to a good weekend that starts now. Whether relaxing, traveling, hanging out at the cabin or just binge watching Netflix on your sofa, we hope you will have a great time with your dogs.

Today matched the tone of this week….. with varied weather, but mainly damp and rainy but not too cold. Or what most people would call…… Autumn.

The doggies were in full flow today, mixing up fun, games and play with others deciding on the sniff and amble approach to suit their mood, age and lifestyle. Most important thing is that they enjoyed themselves and got some good exercise in the process.


Annas turer

Hunder: Haraka og Luna


Hunder: Lucy, Shaggy, Lucy og Indie


Selmas tur

Hunder: Fant, Fridtjof, Lucky, Hank og Vali


Matts turer

Hunder: Balder, Pontus og Tiki


Hunder: Minttu, Tassen og Memphis


We wish you and your doggie(s) a fabulous weekend together. Big big hugs to them from us and we will catch up with them again next week for more adventures and exploring in Oslomarka


Anna, Christina, Linn, Selma, Sandra, August og Matt