Torsdag 5 september turer

Hei og god torsdag

We hope you have all had a good Thursday and you enjoyed the return of the sunshine and drier weather after a few very wet days.

The woods are bursting full of life and colours thanks to the recent downpours and it is beautiful deep in Oslomarka.

It is still pretty wet under foot, but it just added to the adventures we had today.


Annas tur

Hunder: Lucy, Luna, Shaggy og Anni


Selmas tur

Hunder: Wilma og Fant


Augusts tur

Hunder: Leesi og Fia


Matts turer

Hunder: Tassen, Nisse, Ulla, Lucille og Freia


Hunder: Bamse og Minttu


We wish you all a fantastic evening and big big hugs to all your doggies. We are unfortunately closed tomorrow, sowe wish you a lovely weekend and we all hope we are back to business as normal on Monday.


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, Selma, August og Matt