Mandag 2 september turer

Hei og god mandag til dere

We hope you are all well and have been enjoying the fantastic sunshine today here in Oslo.

A new blog, walking week and a new month! September is upon us already and not quite sure where the year has gone.

Early this morning it felt a bit like an early autumn day with the thermometer reading 5.5C outside where i live….. luckily the sun rose higher into the blue blue sky and voila…. a quite amazing day of adventures to kick off the week.

Doggies were in fine form and very happy to see each other again today. Few doggies back from late Summer holidays were bouncing around in the deep woods, using up some energy and chasing / being chased by their friends.


Annas tur

Hunder: Anni, Lucy, Luna og Indie



Linns tur

Hunder: Wilma, Freia, Lucille og Ulla


Sandras tur

Hund: Leesi


Matts turer

Hunder: Tassen, Minttu, Balder, Lubbe og Vali


Hunder: Fridtjof, Hank, Junior, Cherie, Memphis og Fant (sammen med Hilde) 



We wish you and your doggies a gorgeous rest of this Monday. Looks like rain is coming back tomorrow and Wednesday at least…. so make the most of the evening for some pleasant strolls with your pups.

Big big hugs to all of them from us


Anna, Christina, Linn, Selma, Sandra, August og Matt