Tirsdag 26 februar turer

Hei og god tirsdag til dere

We hope you are all well and have had a wonderful Tuesday

Glorious weather out in Oslomarka made for a lovely day with your dogs. The snow / ice has now softened slightly to make it easier for snowballs… and makes for some tough conditions in reaching sticks and snowballs thrown….. which all in all results in tired and happy hounds!


Christinas tur

Hunder: Haraka og Baloo


Annas turer

Hunder: Minnie, Luna, Twist, Shaggy og Indie


Hunder: Lucy, Cain og Anni


Matts turer

Hunder: Nisse, Frøya, Lexi og Wilma


Hunder: Ragnar, Fridtjof, Sami, Milo og Lubbe


Hunder: Wilma, Quila og Tassen


We wish you all a lovely evening videre. The sunset is currently painting the skies of Oslo a lovely golden colour as i type this, so i’ll sign off and go enjoy the view. Big hugs to the dogs


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August og Matt