Fredag 18 januar turer

Happy fredag everyone!

What a week and what a Friday to top it all off today.

Pretty nippy out there early this morning……. jackets (several) and multiple layers were in order along with the heavy duty insulated gloves…. but once out there, we couldn’t have wished for any different.

Your dogs ignored the cold…. mainly by running around and being crazy, chasing everything we threw. Deep snow and it is still quite light out there in marka.

We found some good areas between trails to go exploring and in there it was like our own little world….. just us and the dogs…… and mountains of snow everywhere to make snowballs out of.

Anyways, i am sure you want to start your weekends after looking at some happy dog photos…… so here they are!


Annas turer

Hunder: Minnie, Indie, Luna, Lucy og Shaggy


Hunder: Cain, Lucy og Terje


Christinas turer

Hunder: Jeppe, Vali, Haraka og Frøya


Hunder: Junior, Cherie, Lexie, Mimzy og Småen


Matts turer

Hunder: Sophie, Cessa, Hank og Fridtjof


Hunder: Balder, Pontus, Fant og Tiki


Hunder: Tassen, Sami, Lexi og Memphis


Wishing you a lovely weekend. We are off for a bit of langrenn this weekend as we know the conditions are amazing out there. Big hugs to your dogs and we look forward to seeing them back again on Monday


Anna, Christina, Linn, Sandra, August og Matt