Mandag 2. juni turer

Hei og god mandag!

Beklager at denne bloggen er på engelsk, jeg har bare 15 minutter gratis internet i flyplassen  i London før flyet tilbake til Oslo og derfor må det være kort!

I hear that the weather in Oslo today was fantastic. London was very nice, a little cooler, but warm enough to enjoy lunch outside at my parents, with Isabella (family dog).

Sandras walks today

Walk 1, with Shaggy at Gulleråsen

Sandra picked up an excited and surprised Shaggy this morning. He was very playful and as they headed up to the woods he was hopping and jumping around in excitement at his imminent walk.

They got to the woods quickly, where Sandra found some sticks and the games begun.

They walked to Båntjern where Shaggy thought about heading into the water, but contented himself with just observing it.


Walk 2: with Remi at Ris

Remi’s favourite walk today. They headed from Ris and went up to Sognsvann and back. On the way up they went through the woods. Remi, of course, went for a good paddle to cool down and have his daily swimming exercise once up at the lake……. one happy and wet Remi!

Walk 3: with Lilly up at Torshovdalen

Lilly had a little less energy today after she had been sick overnight and early this morning. However she certainly wasn’t going to let that ruin her fun. Once out in the fresh air, she was exploring left, right and centre…… making everything little thing a big adventure as always.


Walk 4: with Zara and Zuni up at Holtet.

Sandra arrived at Zara and Zunis to find some very happy dogs. As always they ran out into the garden to stretch their legs and wake up a bit after what we’re sure was some good snoozing. Zuni ambled down the stairs, had a quick call of nature and then lay down on the grass in full sun whilst Sandra and Zara played with the stick and ball, before Sandra hid some treats around the garden and made them search them out. Once Zuni was rested and happy, Sandra and Zara popped over to Brattlikollen for a walk, where they bumped into two friendly labradors, who were a bit too energetic for shy Zara!

Apologies again for the quick blog in English today, things will hopefully be back to normal tomorrow once I have more time and quicker internet!

Ha en god kveld og kos til hundene.


Matt og Sandra